As a prospective seller, are you...

  • Over encumbered?
  • Upside down in a rental property?
  • Faced with foreclosure or short sale?
  • Tired of waiting for a buyer?
  • Drowning in expenses on a 'don't wanter'?
  • Facing tougher monthly payments?
  • In need of a fast escrow?
  • Tired of income property management and negligent tenants?
  • Fed up with negative cash flow on your rentals?
  • Hoping to avoid assessment of probate and gift taxes upon your heirs?
  • In need of a legal shield against liens, judgment creditors, bankruptcy, divorce actions (even IRS tax liens)?

The Title Holding Land Trust is the Answer. It Costs Less. It's Safer. Simpler.

For any seller willing to remain on the loan, while someone else makes all the payments and handles all the costs of maintenance, management, repair and upkeep. We will give you a FULL PRICE OFFER!

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A&A Real Estate Investments partners up with ownership-oriented families and individuals who want the obligations and rewards of home ownership. Our partners are willing and able to assume the payments for the mortgage, pay the insurance and taxes, assume all the maintenance and upkeep by signing a triple net lease.

The paperwork goes through a full close much like the close of a loan. The close is handled by a title company and everyone sees all aspects of the transaction.

We use a Title-Holding Land Trust to ensure everyone's interests.

If you already have a broker you are working with, no worries. We work closely with realtors and lenders to make a WIN WIN situation for all involved.

Through a land trust, the property is protected from judgments, creditor liens, bankruptcies, even divorce actions and federal tax liens can NOT touch a property in a Title Holding Land Trust.

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