Buyers.... you can own your own home or investment

property now without Down Payment, Bank Qualifying or

Credit Hassles. Have you been turned down because. . .

  • You are new on the job?
  • You are self employed?
  • You are burdened with a credit history that haunts you
  • You lack a down payment?
  • You are cursed with former bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, offers in compromise, marital dissolution, etc.


Are you simply a prudent buyer with good credit and sufficient down payment; but would prefer not to commit to a thirty year mortgage of spending a bunch of cash on "dead equity" in real estate?

Are you in need of tax deductions to neutralize your income, but prefer not to use your cash or credit to acquire real estate?

Via this unique program you can now...

Discover the secret of home or income property ownership without any of the traditional obstacles!

Begin immediately to enjoy all the many benefits of real estate ownership without mortgage loan or credit qualifying, or standard down-payment requirements.

The Equity Holding Trust System provides:

  • All benefits of ownership via loan payment assumption, without a lender's due-on-sale violation (even with non-assumable loans).
  • A legal "Subject-To," without the necessity of the buyer being on title and risking the property to judgment creditors or IRS tax liens.
  • Freedom from the need for subterfuge, deceit or "quiet documentation."

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